Unterrichtsinhalte im Fach Englisch, Sek. I

Jg. 5 – English G Access 01

  • First day at school (personal pronouns, the verbs ‘to be’ and ‘can’; imperatives)
  • Homes and families (simple present statements; possessive form)
  • Clubs and hobbies (simple present questions; adverbs of frequency: word order)
  • Weekends (simple past, plural of nouns)
  • By the sea (present progressive, word order)
  • Lektüre

Mögliche Projektarbeit:   Wanted-Poster, classroom vocabulary, birthday calendar, tour of my home, family tree, plans for the weekend, my favourite place

Jg. 6 – English G Access 02

  • In the holidays (simple present, simple past, present progressive (Revision); subject / object questions; present progressive with future meaning)
  • A school day (going-to-future; comparison of adjectives; possessive pronouns)
  • Out and about (relative clauses; adverbs of manner)
  • On Dartmoor (present perfect; some/any and their compounds; verb + adjective after state verbs)
  • Celebrate (will-future; question tags; conditional sentences I)
  • A class trip (past progressive: conditional sentences II (EXTRA); contact clauses (EXTRA))

Mögliche Projektarbeit: making a crip sheet about a day in your holidays, writing a conversation, telling a story with pictures or text, writing a dialogue for a film scene, write a report about a class trip

Jg. 7 – English G21, A 3

  • My London (present perfect simple / progressive with since and for)
  • Island girls (conditional sentences type 2)
  • Time for sport (contact clauses; passive)
  • Growing up in Canada (indirect speech with backshift)
  • A teen magazine (reflexive pronouns + each other / one another; modal substitutes)
  • Lektüre

Mögliche Projektarbeit: Programm für ein Musikfestival, Planung eines Ausflugs nach London mit Kurzvorträgen, Vortellung verschiedener Sportarten, Email-Freundschaft mit eienr kanaischen Schule, Entwerfen eines Schulmagazins

Jg. 8 – English G21, A 4

  • New York, New York (gerunds)
  • Both sides of the story (conditional sentences type 3, indirect speech)
  • California, land of dreams (personal passive)
  • Hermann says “Willkommen” (countable/ uncountable nouns, definitive article)
  • Atlanta rising (non-defining relative clauses)
  • Lektüre

Mögliche Projektarbeit: Präsentation über die USA (Grand Canyon), Präsentation der Sehenswürdigkeiten in New York City, Erstellen einer Filmversion einer Geschichte, Präsentation zu Bürgerrechtlern / Bürgerrechtsbewegung in den USA

Jg. 9 – English G21, A 5

  • Down under in Australia (to-infinitives instead of relative clauses)
  • The road ahead (gerund with its own subject; gerund vs. infinitive; phrasal verbs)
  • Stand up for your rights (participle clauses instead of adverbial clauses; compound participles)
  • Teen world (should; had better; be supposed to; the + adjective; English verbs instead of German adverbs)
  • Lektüre

Mögliche Projektarbeit: Projekt über „Outback“, Kultur der Aborigines, Rassismus und die „Gestohlenen Generationen“; Vorbereitung eines mögliches Austauschjahres in Australien, Studieren im Ausland, Referate über die Vereinten Nationen und Menschenrechte weltweit, Filmanalyse, Umfrage zur Jugendkultur an der eigenen Schulen / im Wohnort